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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This woman - oh, Miracle is She.

Dancing through life on moonbeams of divine essence, She sings Her soul song...sparkling and delighting and inspiring others, wherever She goes...

This woman - oh, Warrior Priestess is She.

Journeying through the depths of darkness, she discovers innumerable gems of light and wisdom to guide her way home. Having traversed the dark side of the moon, her woman soul is fierce and fearless...

This woman - oh, Wise Teacher is She.

Walking her path collecting divine pearls of remembrance, through a willingness to dive deeply into the heart of experience, She is sublimely generous in sharing the gifts of her wise knowing...

This woman - oh, Catalyst of Transformation is She.

Moving as one with the flow of her divine essence through many years of dedication, She is now finely tuned to hold a vibrational state which transforms those around her, just by virtue of Her very presence...

This Woman - oh Pillar of Community is She.

Creating circles of communion, She weaves energetic shawls of golden thread, draping them gently over the shoulders of the women who gather to join with Her in sacred sisterhood, clearing the path for them to rise into their sacred woman power...

This Woman - oh, Earthed Cosmic Being is She.

A conduit between Heaven and Earth, She is deeply rooted in the ways of her beloved Gaia and simultaneously She sings with the Cosmos in divine remembrance of Her birthplace amongst the stars...building an opalescent pillar of light which unites these realms as One...

This woman - oh blessed are WE

We who behold Her...

We who love Her...

We who share Her Magic...

We who see Her...

We who know Her Holy Essence...

For This Woman is Divinity Incarnate!

- Ishara Love

In honour of one of the most incredible Earth Walkers I have the pleasure of knowing... the magical UrMari Ana

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