• Ishara Love

The underbelly of the climate crisis movement....

~ Greta Thunberg + Extinction Revolution ~

(invisible rivers run under rivers)

🌿 As a long time Earth Lover and warrior for a cleaner, safer and kinder world, I feel the need to speak up on my perception of the recent rise of the two phenomena mentioned above, which have virtually simultaneously come into public consciousness, through intense mainstream media exposure. I feel strongly that Greta personally speaks from the heart and has the noblest of intentions with her message. From that perspective, she is no puppet of the elite. There is most certainly a pressing need for us to take care of our Earth, as our living mother and the sustainer of all life upon her. Therefore I applaud her heartfelt efforts.

However, it is important to be aware that there is a subterranean thread of deception underlying what superficially appears to be a noble cause. One of the very interesting things about these movements is that they are unquestioningly being followed and promoted by people who are usually the first to be suspicious of government and mainstream media offensives. Very clever, don’t you think…using the title ‘rebellion’ for a movement and using phrases such as ‘how dare you’, to our world leaders. What radical amongst us couldn’t relate to that? Which caring person who has found what corporate interests and corruption governments have been doing to our world for too long, utterly deplorable, could not want to get behind causes which claim to be working to change that?

But what if these movements are masks for a hidden agenda and we are all being ‘played’ once again by the puppeteers behind the scenes? Have you felt into your body in relation to these movements to see if there is a sense of dissonance? Did you know that the people behind the inception of Extinction Rebellion have backgrounds of working directly with people and organisations committed to exactly the opposite objectives to those of the green protesters who are following their leadership directives? What if the ‘green world’ that these movements are trying to encourage people to jump on board with, are not what we envisage?

We want a world of greenery, of safety, of caring for one another, of sustainable energy, of eradication of dangerous chemicals. A world in which we and all living beings have access to clean air, clean water and uncontaminated soil. A world in which we grow our own food, commune with nature and share what we have, with one another, in loving freedom and custodianship for future generations.

But what the globalist agenda calls a ‘green world’, is one in which we have 5G WiFi driven ‘smart cities’; 5G guided autonomous driver-less cars; 5G treeless microwaved streets; 5G robots taking over from people on the factory floor and a 5G satellite and ground based total surveillance grid. One in we are being observed and controlled in all ways at all times. One in which all of our data is mined and analysed in every moment; one in which weaponisation of every single electronic device is a very real prospect.

In this world, we will all be doused in copious amounts of 5G radiation, an EMF soup which is inescapable anywhere on the planet. A technology which zero real world safety studies and many, many scientists and doctors worldwide, extremely concerned about the effects upon human health. And yet, have you noticed that with the Greta distraction, there is no mention of this. And within the Extinction Rebellion, have you noticed that there is actually support for 5G technology?

Dig below the surface and we find that these two efforts combined have managed to sway the green movement into the veiled push towards technocracy. The very people who would normally fight against such a thing, are actually unknowingly, supporting it. Some kind of genius in operation there on behalf of the puppeteers. Just ask your own intuition...what is really going on here?

🌿 Lyrics of this amazing song'Kinship', by She Keeps Bees, are an apt reminder…

‘Invisible rivers run under rivers

Think this world is their kingdom

Deep in shadow…’

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