• Ishara Love

Love Once Created, Can Never Die...

Have you noticed that some connections in life are just like shooting stars? They bring joy and excitement, lighting up our lives with a sense of mystery and possibility. Yet, that feeling lasts for just a moment in time....and that is all it was ever meant to be....an experience to be enjoyed fleetingly...

But we try to hang on to the memory of it, even though the star has long since passed away...and the sky is darkened. We try to imagine it is still there, that we need it, that we cannot survive without it, that someone must be blamed for it's demise. We think if we wish hard enough or do this or try that, the glory of that epic moment in time will return.

Of course all love, all connection, all joy will continue to exist eternally in some space time continuum, even though we may not be able to touch it within ourselves at this time. And if we just surrender to what IS, rather than wishing for what is no longer, we may just find that our sky is a perfect canvas to be lit up again and again, filling us with a sustained joy which is not reliant on an attachment to any particular connection.

Continuous opportunities abound, to experience the expansion of joy ...

Instead of being closed and contracted in the misery of wishing for what cannot be, we are opened up to the continuous flow of possibility which exists in every moment. The continuous opportunities which abound, to experience the expansion of joy and love in the song of a bird, the whisper of the wind, or the sun beams peeking through the clouds.

Yet most people are in fear about the darkening of the sky for a couple. Most people forget that the end was a long time coming. Most people don't know that just because two people are both kind and loving, that doesn't mean they must hang on to a burnt out star, forever.

But sometimes it is time to let go of what has passed away...to give thanks for it's very existence and to know that in the quantum field, love once created, can never die.

And in the knowing, our sky is forever lit with brilliant colours and flashes of starbursts, as loves of past present and future combine in a majestic display which can never be extinguished...

- Ishara Love

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