• Ishara Love

🌿 Has Science deleted our Intuition? 🌿

Science in itself has value as a tool of determination. However, blind faith in science to the exclusion of ancient wisdom, merely serves as yet another avenue for repression of our deep intuitive knowing. Science in it’s dysfunctional form, takes on a life of its own…it dominates and controls us, rather than assists and protects us. It channels the properties of the wounded masculine and dismisses our feminine qualities as irrelevant.

Science as a weapon rather than a tool, says all observations must be measured, weighed and proven, to have any intrinsic value or to be deserving of any respect. But what about when we know the unknowable? And we don’t know how we know, we just know that we know. And we trust our intuition, because our experiences have shown us it is an accurate path of truth. What about when we can sense the energy of a situation, a person or place? And there is no scientifically quantifiable method of assessing our perception? Yet, time and again, our senses have proven accurate without fail.

Unfortunately, equality has been confused with sameness, implying that both sexes are always equally capable of everything in existence. But, whichever bodies we may reside in, some of us express feminine qualities more strongly through our cells than masculine, and vice versa. We have tried to create equality by denying the distribution of tasks based on personal biology…and in doing so, only succeeded in devising an homogenous mess which suffocates the intrinsic value of both masculine and feminine. The problem was never a lack of sameness, the problem was always the concept of one being superior to the other.

What has been lacking for thousands of years, is respect for what the feminine brings. But there is also a lack of respect for what the actualised masculine brings. Instead, we have seen this dominating, rapacious energy in operation on our Earth, which places distorted masculine values as superior to all others. Economic work is highly valued, whereas life skills work is not only undervalued, but in fact, often invisible. This dominating energy is reflected in so many ways…Whites/Indigenous. Masculinity/Femininity. Superiority/Inferiority. Predatory/Peaceful. Militaristic/Earth Honouring. But it always comes down to attempts to force all of humanity into the roles of Masters vs Slaves.

The energy of reverence for the feminine as different but equal to the masculine, resides in the land beneath our feet as a living energy, here in Australia and most other places. Tens of thousands of years of indigenous culture, have seen to that. But white people brought with them a distorted energy which seeks to dominate that which lives in the land. And current science is the religion which obliterates ancient wisdom which has for aeons, been cultivated in deep communication with nature.

Neither masculine nor feminine is viable without the other…woven together like dual strands of DNA. We only know light because darkness exists and vice versa. We can only understand what we are, in the context of what we are not. And we all contain expressions of both masculine and feminine, within us. But in ‘modern’ society, the seed has been revered without reverence for the fertility of the Earth within which it is grown. We have forgotten that both are equally necessary, to beget life. And we have allowed the tool of science, to become our master and we it’s slave. Thus reinforcing the paradigm of dominance over the feminine, over nature, over intuition, over ancient wisdom, indeed over life itself.

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