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Medicine of the Rose

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Recently a learning was gifted me...this is a simple one that many have undoubtedly already received, but it is one which has taken me a long time to open myself to. 🌹

Having walked the Way of Love for many years now, I was under the impression that I had fully embodied the teachings of the Rose. My heart is open, it is soft and gentle, it is full of warmth and compassion. 🌹

And yet, especially this year, my heart has been continually tested, almost without respite. I have had to drop deeper into myself to unravel the stories, to process the happenings, to understand why I have attracted these opportunities disguised as problems. So, I delved more fearlessly into what I was being prompted to learn.🌹

And I FINALLY opened myself to the full Medicine of the Rose...and I understood the Path of Love is not complete without Self Love. Opening our hearts with love, trust and compassion for others, is not the whole story. 🌹

A Rose has her thorns for a reason. Anyone can admire the Rose for her beauty, her scent, her softness, her loving presence. Yet her thorns protect her from destruction...without them, she may not live long enough to gift her loving essence to the world. 🌹

And so, I am learning that it is ok to develop thorns...otherwise known in the human world, as boundaries. Not to hurt anyone, but to protect myself from those who are drawn to harm, whether consciously or unconsciously. Self protection is not due to a lack of Love for others, rather, due to a growing Love for Self. 🌹

Love for others does not mean allowing oneself to be crucified for their happiness. Boundaries are not only ok, but imperative! This is the teaching I vow to embody. I give deepest thanks to the Rose, for sharing her gifts of wholeness with me. I may have been slow to open completely to her gifts, but her patience has never waned... 🌹

- Ishara Love

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