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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

‘Romantic’ love in particular. I’m contemplating on whether there is a spectrum...at one end we have people we love in a more simplistic way, reminiscent of the sound of a single instrument we admire. And at the other end, we find love in a much more multidimensional and complex way, almost like a symphony of layered sound.

I want to know what love is...

The quality and depth of the love seems related to the various components we feel connected by, such as the length of time spent together, the multitude of experiences enjoyed together, the intensity of the sexual chemistry, the depth of intellectual understandings, the unity of lifestyle compatibilities, the spiritual and emotional bonds and a whole range of other possible facets of connection...

With some people, there are so many points of connection that the experience you have together feels much more profound than it has with others. It is an emotional soundscape which somehow feels surreal. It captures your attention in such a way that when it ends you are left somehow unbalanced...rather like walking out of the darkness of an epic movie showing into the bright light of day, feeling wobbly, somewhat like you don’t quite fit into the outside world any more.

I have had that kind of experience a couple of times in my life. A symphony of light and dark, a tapestry of all the magical colours, sounds and feelings. Maybe it was too intense to last longer than it did. Maybe we can only live inside a symphony for so long before the ardor of the sounds become overwhelming and we seek some kind of quiet reprieve. Maybe I have just never met anyone capable of creating AND sustaining such intensity. Maybe no one can.

Is bright, sparkling, intense and soul shaking love always destined to burn out quickly? Is it possible to transition an incredibly powerful love symphony into a more quiet and sustained beat, one which rolls on and on with just the occasional excited crescendo? This, I do not know. But however long it lasted, I am grateful to have experienced it.

- Ishara Love

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