ishara love

Ishara Love is the visionary and founder of Wild Wisdom Way. The project was birthed out of the desire to unite with other wisdom weavers in a collective dance within the creative gifts of all beings.

A writer, eco-warrior, visionary creatrix and mother of six, Ishara has always been driven by a burning passion to use every moment loving, learning, growing and sharing in the upliftment of humanity.

Having originally studied Social Work, Ishara felt the call to move towards a more holistic model of wellness, incorporating physical and spiritual health as well as the emotional and psychological aspects. This led to ten years creating and running an organic store and cafe, Ecologie Organics.

A growing fascination with the intersection of nature + emotions + health + spirituality has culminated in the creation of this site....to further delve into all possible wild earth wisdoms and understand how we as beings alive on this planet, can each fully activate our own innate potential for soul expression.