wild wisdom way

A person alive with wisdom, feels whole, awakened and energised. They are lit up from the inside out, flowing with desire to make the most out of this gift of life and to serve humanity to collectively rise!

The desire to engage in sacred community naturally arises as one becomes enwisened...the pull to be a leader, not a follower, to share with others and create a way of being, which is a song of harmony with all life.


To live an inspired and inspiring life. To learn, to explore and to continuously grow. To connect with the natural world and indeed, to live in awareness that all is interconnected.


beings sharing wisdom together, holding a sacred container of love and truth within which we all thrive...


share information, art, articles, events and opportunities created by our worldwide wild wisdom way...


sparking connection to our own inner wisdom via communion with other wild wisdom weavers

wild wisdom
in action

What a fascinating story. The Ëtëtung , or water music, of Vanuatu is an hypnotic sonic and visual experience, unlike any other, anywhere else in the world. These songs are a collection of different movements performed in accordance with the waters’ surface; it involves splashing, scooping, slapping, skimming, swirling… accompanied by the vocals of a group of female singers, all moving together in a rhythmic pattern.